Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dearest Reader (Getting to know you)

Dearest Reader,
Like Chocolate I won’t eventually eat, and Black Orchids, I’m not sure if you exist- I’d like you to; but I see no reason for you to (yet) But I thought I’d create an amalgamation of several ‘Getting to know you’ Memes, and let you know a little bit about myself, aware that it’s completely narcissistic, but simultaneously aware that it’s boring to read anything written by someone you know nothing about (And I don’t intend to post any photographs with my face in ‘em, because I can’t stand being photographed, and I refuse to post mirror-photos because they’re tacky.)

In recognition of the New Year and the coming of the next decade, I’ve whittled down the list of questions I answered to 10.

1. Your dream from last night: involved a car chase and a hug.

2. Your favorite drink: I was recently introduced to the Dry Martini, and we’re becoming fast friends. Although you can pretty much serve me anything containing: Fresh mint, Ruby Grapefruit, Real Mango or (unsurprisingly) Chocolate. * but not all together.

3. Something you’re not wearing: anything on my calves (It is COLD, so I should be.) makeup (I rarely do), perfume (an enduring love of mine... I hate going without).

4. One place you go over and over: The Yarra river, or the brotherhood of Saint Lawrence near my house (they had a loom a month or so ago... I barely resisted the 200$ price tag.)

5. What was the last movie you watched and would you recommend it? From start to finish: (I’m a recurring half-way-through-er) Beetlejuice. Purely for the hilarity of a young babyfaced Alec Baldwin, and the loveliness of Geena Davis- and definitely for the old-school Jim-Henson-Esque puppetry/greenscreen combination.

6. What was the last musical or theatrical event that you attended? I went to see Brazilian music with my grandmother, but it turned out to be Pseudo-Peruvian, and included an eight piece barbershop-esque group... Strange, but enjoyable.
7. What are the first 3 things you would do if you won the lottery? Make things easier for my various family members under financial pressure (Including my grandmother, who at 68 is still working 5 days a week), buy something fuel-efficient and sexy (Do they make Hybrid Audis?) and go on a road trip to find a piece of land to build my dream house on it.

8. Favourite Children’s Book? The Deliverance of Dancing Bears, The Whale song, Anything Illustrated by Arthur Rackham, The Hobbit.

9. Favourite Flower? For the Aesthetic: Tulips. For the Aromatic: Narcissus. For the Meaning: Amaranth.

10. Describe your PJs: Either a grey wool-cotton blend shirt dress that was such a gorgeous material that I couldn’t resist (at 10$) even though the only size they had was 14... or a singlet and these fabulous two tone purple-and-blue pants that i love dearly, but would die before being caught in...

QUESTIONS FROM: The Swell Life, Rivergirl, and No Fancy Name

And, In the spirit of the New Year:

My silly resolution for 2009: (I didn’t have one)
My serious resolution for 2009: Do a cartwheel at least once. (Completed 6 hours before the cut-off)

My silly resolution for 2010: Cross off at least ¼ of the ‘long term to do’s’ I’m going to write in the next month.
My serious resolution for 2010: Play on the swings at least once a month, if not more often.

Hope your Early New Year was lovely and creative,
All my love,