Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dear Vitamin E cream (dress 35)

Dear Vitamin E cream,
You're apparently awesome for scars; and since my legs got busted up rather wickedly last december when I went to the dead sea on insanely squelchy sinking mud (now with added scratchy salt crystals) I thought i'd do something about it; and hell knows if it does my legs any good- it certainly makes them feel awesome. Which got me thiking about textures and such, and thence came today's dress:
Not the easiest dress to draw, although i'll admit I botched it up pretty wicked. Something along the lines of either: low viscosity fabric paint sprayed in four layers- first goes from top to bottom, second from top to just below the knee, third from top to mid-thigh, and fourth layer ends at the upper thigh. That; or it's four layers of very faint grey-black mesh.
All my love,

Dearest This is not Hamlet (Food Habits)

Dearest This is not Hamlet,
You're really exciting, and a thrill to be a part of- but you're bridging the gap between what is technically autumn-autumn, but what is in post-climate-change terms, goodbye warmness, hello winter. And that means that now, in preparation for the weight i'm going to be putting on in winter, i have to take off the weight I put on last year. Three winters (travelling) is an error.
So. the plan is as follows:
No more making pastas as a there-is-no-food-in-the-house-and-I-am-hungry option (although there are two pasta recipes that still need to be written up and posted.) Salads will replace as speed-noms.
No more processed sweets. If I havn't made it- I don't deserve it. I just hope this means I end up having the baking skills of Canelle et Vanille or Bakerella. It wouldn't hurt if I learnt to make amazing healthy noms like Smitten Kitchen either...
And no. I should have never looked at either of these sites if I'm going to try and change my eating/cooking habits.
Dress will come later tonight,
All my love,
P.S. I don't know if this is jarring, I know that for the last month or so it's a dress every day and as little actual blogging as I can get away with; because i've been so freaking busy- I'm wondering what you think of this kind of thing- If it's alright by you that I punctuate the blog with the occasional ramble. To be perfectly honest this is just here to ensure that I actually do what I've said I will- but I thought I should spread the word about these three AMAZING cooks/bakers. It does not hurt my design-heart that not only is their food delicious in its composition, but their photography skills are also nothing short of gorgeous.
Anyhow- drop a line to let me know you exist; happy food-ogling.

Dear Mondrian (Dress 34)

Dearest Mondrian,
I meant today's dress to be a subtle tribute- it turned out just kinda silly; but I think it'd be a nice summer staple. Light cotton with white lining.

All my love,