Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Reader (Making Dress 1)

Dearest Reader,
Well, we come to the beginning of our third month, and the votes (all three of them!) tallied unanimously in favour of the Pina Bausch Dress... now a dear friend of mine was looking for a dress for an art piece, so I may well make it for her, but I'll definately be making one this month, voting has begun for the next month's dress; so: Go! Vote! If there aren't more than 20 votes (total) this month I may have to choose the dress myself. We'll see...
All my love,

To Sir Duncan Campbell, Bart Esq. (C/O Henry Raeburn, Australian National Gallery.) (Dress 64)

To Sir Duncan Campbell, Bart Esq.

you cut a dashing figure in your military regalia, a style which I feel has been (in my personal opinion, alledgedly, with all due respect) tainted by the late M.Jackson. I say we bring back the fresh tomato red, mustard yellow and charcoal combination! Gold buttons FTW.
I'd like to take a moment to mention the gorgeous frame on this- I'd love to do some architectural work to create that kind of impression in upholstry fabric...

Dress Specs: Gold braid, red wool on yellow cotton, and black cotton.
All my love,