Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Alice (Dress 219)

Dear Alice (Day 165), You said do ‘teenage mutant ninja Turtles’... so I did.

All my love,

Dear Going-For-It (Dress 218)

Dear Going-For-It (Day 164)

You’re a great concept and all, but sometimes it means I feel like I have an excuse to do terrible terrible lemon terrible.

Bent plywood over a matte dress with lace edging.

All my love,


Dear Difficult Difficult Lemon Difficult (Dress 208-217)

Dear Difficult Difficult Lemon Difficult (Day 163)

Right now is

Which is why i stuffed up for the second time in a week.


Dress I: Layers of folded matte silk reinforced to give it the sharp edge.

Dress II: The synthetic mesh is placed on a metal mannequin and then sprayed (a-la McQueen

) but instead of it being paint, the artist (not machines) sprays a variety of chemicals (each with a different colour reaction), that when coming into contact with synthetic mesh it eats away at the fabric in a three dimensional ‘ burn’ (hence the metal mannequin)

Dress III: inspired by Sydney Nolan’s paintings of Ned Kelly.

Dress IV: Spring/Autumn

Dress V: neckline is cutout of same shape as the appliquéd butterflies.

Dress VI: inspired by the art of the Mix Tape. The loop that looks like a ‘B’ is the curled ribbon/tape at the back of the halter tie.

Dress VII: fallen clock in appliqué. Halter neck dress.

Dress VIII: stone in a pool dress. Layers of mesh, beginning at the neckline and restarting at the ‘rock’

Dress IX: Himalaya dress. Hand painted silk.

Dress X: Inspired by the Eiffel-esque spire of the Melbourne arts Centre.

All my love,



Dear Rubber Band ‘Art’ (Dress 207)

Dear Rubber Band ‘Art’ (Day 162)

You’re that thing thing that children do, stretching rubber bands over pre-set nails in a pattern/shape. I think it’s pretty if done well, and dangerous if not.

All my love,

Dear Beer (Dress 206)

Dear Beer (Day 161)
I don’t really like you. I have to admit. More of a fan of Cider, but you are the inspiration for some damn Fine advertising.

Today’s dress is made to advertise beer.
Why not?

The skirt is printed as a coaster.
All my love,

Dear Weddings (Dresses 196-205)

Dear Weddings (Day 160),
You make people all excited and festive and optimistic. I like that, even if I find the institution a little sillygoose... Most of today’s dresses inspired by the woman on my tram who was all dolled up to go to a spring day wedding.

Dress I: Wedding Dress: silk dress with painted silk feathers)

Dress II: Bridesmaid’s Dress: comfortable cotton with a silk overlay, painted on the stomach region, petals and the central section of the flower then cut out of the dress and arranged as a corsage/hair ornament.

Dress III: Flower Girl Dress: a photographic print of petals being thrown in the air, with some already falling and a border of petals.

Dress IV: To wear to a wedding in winter: silk ‘paragliding’ sail as headband/hood with silver chain and silver bird on a black matte silk dress.

Dress V: To wear to a wedding in Autumn: Tiny panels of grey slate over a lighter grey dress with architectural grey ‘gutter’ (lace)

Dress VI: To wear to a wedding in Winter: Woolen dress with 2D scarf

Dress VII: fringing over mesh on the neck, waist and hem.

Dress VIII: Indian fabric under an elastic corset.

Dress IX: To wear to a wedding in Spring: black ribbon outline hand-painted filling on matte silk.

Dress X: perforated ‘stamp’ hem with ‘wing’ collar and buttons to below the waist.

All my love,

Dear Women (Dress 195)

Dear Women,

Studies show we apologise too much. So i’m not going to do that. There is nothing that can be said more than I am deeply unhappy that i have not had the time, nor the inclination (considering the backlog of over 135 dresses) to upload. I am going to start making a dint in that massive backlog. Starting........ now.

(mesh draping and bronze buttons)
All my love,

Apologies (aaargh! You got me.)
And always, always Dresses,