Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Winter, (Dress 59)

Dear Winter (well aware that it is still technically Autumn, but the weather says otherwise.)
You're the only reliable season in Melbourne. You're rainy and freezing and drizzly and haily and all sorts of damp and cold but at least I know that when I leave the house wearing a scarf and a wooly jumper I won't have to carry them around all day while passing out from dehydration...
What I'm saying is that consistancy is key. And that when people know that they can shake out the mothballs and go all out with winter clothing they really go for it and the results are lovely.
Today I saw a split-zipped hoody on the bus: if: then: therefore:
(Black wool blend with a rose-tinted cotton lined hood. zip up the back,)
All my love,

Dear Long Hair (Dress 58)

Dear Long Hair,
I've been growing you for what feels like forever, and for the first time in my life i've mastered the art of french braiding.
Today's dress (coupled with a shift to dresses of a more temperature regulatory nature) is really rather self explanitory.
(Dress specs: One-off dresses made to fit. fabric segments can be anything, preferably within one colour group or seasonal segment, but rainbow is an option. The zip runs down the 'part' at the back.)

All my love,