Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Jamie Oliver (Dress 164)

Dear Jamie Oliver,
You're the author of Jorge's favourite go to cookbook for which I am forever greatful. The food he's made me from the depths of stained-corner-folded-pages is always spectacular. There's this one salad with fetta and cheese and all sorts of deliciousness. I likes it.
Om nom nom nom,

Dear Safta Shula (Dress 163)

Dear Safta,
You're getting bck into knitting, which is good because it means that even though tit's winter your arthritis is not being too harsh. Rather a surprise 'since you had to quit the knittety knit several years ago beause of the aforementioned joint pain.
Anyway, I've seen knitting needles made into necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings, but never into clothes. There's always a way!\
All my love,

Dear Flo's 20th (Dresses 153-162)

Dear Flo's 20th
You were MAD. So I forgot to dress. Sorry!
Not Braille, but dice! Same technique 'though.
This dress has printed hands- but real fold/pleats in the fabric.

White Picket belt.
Yes. That is a bycicle wheel. Don't judge me. It's recycling! Even if it's not terribly physically possible.
I wanted to film my first short film in a spiral staircase, needless to say the story I wanted to shoot was too morbid and involved far too many Special Effects. The script is somewhere on my computer 'though, and I might go looking for it to have one of those awkward 'wasn't I strange' nostalgia trips.

Flo's artwork for her party was very macabre. I liked it- but that sort of things rather sticks in your mind.

 I remember my best friend's mum planting sunflowers. There is no happier plant.
This is in no way a cross-promotion with my workplace. I just like stamps.
Odd little beaded/bunched thing. The idea is there bur the drawing is attrocious.

Simple and (to be honest) kind of boring shirt/dress contraption with tiered collars. Oops.

All my love,

Dear Korean Girl on the Train (Dress 152)

Dear Korean Girl on the Train,
You were adorable and inquisitive, and you asked me all sorts of questions about my drawings, and then proved in about 4 seconds how insanely far I have to go when it comes to drawing- hell but you draw fast, and accurate, and pretty!
This dress reminded you of a traditional Korean dress- and I see what you mean, but with a twist.
(Blue matte satin, and silver matte satin in the middle, seperated by 'bands' of rubber tubing filled with something vaguely mercurial.)
All my love,

Dear Izzy (Dess 151)

Dearest Izzy,
You came to my house, and you were sad, so I fed you; which next to cuddles and talking in the dark is the only way I know how to cheer people up. So I made you poached pears. I think it may have worked (as well as it could have).
All my love,