Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Flo's 20th (Dresses 153-162)

Dear Flo's 20th
You were MAD. So I forgot to dress. Sorry!
Not Braille, but dice! Same technique 'though.
This dress has printed hands- but real fold/pleats in the fabric.

White Picket belt.
Yes. That is a bycicle wheel. Don't judge me. It's recycling! Even if it's not terribly physically possible.
I wanted to film my first short film in a spiral staircase, needless to say the story I wanted to shoot was too morbid and involved far too many Special Effects. The script is somewhere on my computer 'though, and I might go looking for it to have one of those awkward 'wasn't I strange' nostalgia trips.

Flo's artwork for her party was very macabre. I liked it- but that sort of things rather sticks in your mind.

 I remember my best friend's mum planting sunflowers. There is no happier plant.
This is in no way a cross-promotion with my workplace. I just like stamps.
Odd little beaded/bunched thing. The idea is there bur the drawing is attrocious.

Simple and (to be honest) kind of boring shirt/dress contraption with tiered collars. Oops.

All my love,

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