Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear MadebyRAE (Dress 21)

Dearest Rae,

Because I’m designing every day, I've been coming to realise there are certain design-crutches I lean on- I'm very prone to dress-specific printing (particularly in dresses 19, 15, 6 and 3) and over-the-top stiff-shaping that wouldn't really be practical. What I love most about your designs is their utility and simplicity- they apply to all types of fabric patterns, so if you find something that you really like, you can make/buy it in various patterns. I bought two different prints (blue and silver flowers
 ,and red and gold stripes) from the upholstery centre near my house (5$AU for 2m. they must be insane!) and I've been thinking about what I could make out of them. Then I saw the Buttercup Bag (Made by Rae, via: The PomPom) and all was revealed:

(Dress specs: heavy upholstery fabric, satin lining, rubbery band on top of the bust-line to hold it up)
All my love,

Dearest Long Lost Friends (Dress 20)

Dearest Long Lost Friends,
You remind me to look forward- the past's been awesome, and the present's hot stuff, but the future... that's where it's at.
(Please take nothing I say today to be of much consequence. Cider FTW.)

All my (slightly inebriated) love,