Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Artaud (Dress 44)

Dear Antonin Artaud,
You really needed a hug, didn't you? That would have done the trick. A good hug and then maybe you wouldn't have written so much crazy (some moments of clarity and cleverness, but honestly, mostly crazy.)
Your life started so idyllic and lovely, and it was pretty much all downhill from there on.
In memory of industrial-era france:
This is; I have to say, one of my favourite dresses so far. Spraypainted double-layers of denim with small washers in the centre, on mesh (which is allowed to bunch and fold between the points of anchorage) with a cotton slip beneath.
All my love,

Dear Olive/r (Dress 43)

Dearest Olive/r,
You're going to be born pretty soon i expect, no more than a month a way for sure- your mum looks like she's going to get pretty sick of lugging you around for so darn long. But I know the next li'l while is going to be insane (good god it already is.) so I thought i'd make you a little something early, and give it to your mum and dad to take into the hospital with them when you decide to make the grande arrival- it's going to be a bunny, of sorts, made from a pattern sourced at Hazlenuts. Having made four bunnies in the last two days, all I can see is rabbit ears swimming infront of my eyes, which may explain this:

Cotton with piping- pieced.
All my love,