Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Alice (Dress 124)

Dearest Alice,
They've finally given you a name, and now i'm well on my way to making your mobile, three felt bunnies (half size) from the pattern at Hazlenut's Blog and lots of felt carrots coming out of a felt lettuce... it's a challenge.
So no wonder I have carrots on the mind:
not my fault.

Dear Tom 'n Jess (Dress 123)

Dear Tom n' Jess,
You're ridiculously cute you two; both together and apart I'm really very fond of you. You're not one of those icky couples (to be honest, I didn;t know you were dating until a month+ afterwards!) but there is one gorgeous photo of Tom's birthday kiss that's just adorable.
In honour of your sweetness, and Banj's mad photoskills,