Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IP in the paper!

Dearest Lot's Wife,
You (the student paper at my university) were in serious need of some content for the creative writing, and since the lovely Flo is running that ship, she asked me if i'd be interested.
Hells yeah.
Hurrah for Lot's Wife!
All my love,

Dear After (Dress 94)

Dearest After,
What a lovely shop- a pity I couldn't afford to stay much longer, I had to go home and do homework (blarg).

But I did come out with these:

I then proceeded to experiment:
Feathers from my found-rainbow-lorikeet-feathers-stash:
Making springs:
Peacock Feathers:

Parts salvaged from a phone:

Nail-Polished-Painted Springs:

And, magically (I have NO idea how this happened. I mean, I meant to make something swirly, but this is very Wizard-of-Oz tornadoesque.)

So, from the springs came a 'lightbulb' dress:

Sorry for the late post,
(I'm not going to post the signature, because this post is so picture heavy,)