Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear After (Dress 94)

Dearest After,
What a lovely shop- a pity I couldn't afford to stay much longer, I had to go home and do homework (blarg).

But I did come out with these:

I then proceeded to experiment:
Feathers from my found-rainbow-lorikeet-feathers-stash:
Making springs:
Peacock Feathers:

Parts salvaged from a phone:

Nail-Polished-Painted Springs:

And, magically (I have NO idea how this happened. I mean, I meant to make something swirly, but this is very Wizard-of-Oz tornadoesque.)

So, from the springs came a 'lightbulb' dress:

Sorry for the late post,
(I'm not going to post the signature, because this post is so picture heavy,)

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