Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Difficult Difficult Lemon Difficult (Dress 208-217)

Dear Difficult Difficult Lemon Difficult (Day 163)

Right now is

Which is why i stuffed up for the second time in a week.


Dress I: Layers of folded matte silk reinforced to give it the sharp edge.

Dress II: The synthetic mesh is placed on a metal mannequin and then sprayed (a-la McQueen

) but instead of it being paint, the artist (not machines) sprays a variety of chemicals (each with a different colour reaction), that when coming into contact with synthetic mesh it eats away at the fabric in a three dimensional ‘ burn’ (hence the metal mannequin)

Dress III: inspired by Sydney Nolan’s paintings of Ned Kelly.

Dress IV: Spring/Autumn

Dress V: neckline is cutout of same shape as the appliquéd butterflies.

Dress VI: inspired by the art of the Mix Tape. The loop that looks like a ‘B’ is the curled ribbon/tape at the back of the halter tie.

Dress VII: fallen clock in appliqué. Halter neck dress.

Dress VIII: stone in a pool dress. Layers of mesh, beginning at the neckline and restarting at the ‘rock’

Dress IX: Himalaya dress. Hand painted silk.

Dress X: Inspired by the Eiffel-esque spire of the Melbourne arts Centre.

All my love,



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