Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome; and some explinations

Dearest Audrey,
It's always been a dream of mine, to collect all the things that I find beautiful, and innovative, and inspiring. You were all three- and so; in dedicating my first post to you, I wish to begin on the purest note.

My plan for this adventure is to develop the conceptual basis of the blog as I design the page- amongst the things I intend to do (and; as my tweed-and-bow-tie mathematics teacher used to say: show all my workings.) are
-Artwork for the header (A fawn; probably mechanical pencil, fineliner and watercolour) involving the process of choosing a font for the title and the photoshop process of placement and enhancement. (Will have to wait until I am home in Melbourne with my Windsor and Newtons and my darling Photoshop.)
-Design of a signature- something I find charmingly pretty in any blog.
-Paring down my morbidly obese 'favourite blogs' tab until I can choose only those I find truly well-rounded or of exceptional quality.
-probably many other things. I have forgotten all the things that sprang to mind but an hour ago. Bother.

And along the way
*past projects
*favourite fashion pieces
* '' films
* " books
*outfits (only when particularly meticulously planned/photographed... Shoddy camera work, or uninspiring outfits simply serve to irritate me in the genre of daily-outfit-blogging. Better to not post than post something mundane?- although if you disagree, please let me know: I'm curious.)
*and most probably (although avoided when at all possible) rambling and ranting on the topic of my whimsical choice.

If you should happen to stumble onto this- please tell me what you think. If I'm doing this for other people (as well as myself) I want to know what you enjoy- and what you'd prefer I pared down.

All my love,

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