Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Hyperskinny Co-Commuter (Dress 55)

Dear Hyperskinny Co-Commuter,
You were painfully thin, dressed in the fashion of the waif. It made me hungry just looking at you- I know that underneath that stupidly trendy french-stripe shirt, your ribs are visible. Thinking about that trend, of heroin-chic, the culture of terrible posture and pasty skin, I wanted to design a dress that somehow held your shoulders back- what a waste of all those centimetres when you hunch like that. There's a bit of an old halloween costume idea I had back in 2007 (a clear acetate capelet (double layered) with plastic tubing in the sillhouette of the arteries and capilleries in the lungs, over a skeleton suit).

(Dress Specs: blended wool- the shoulder sections are reinforced.)
All my love,

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