Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear IsraelPost (Dress 40)

Dear Israeli Postal System,
I bought WAY too many clothes when I was in Israel; which was somewhat of a problem when I realised I had to transport them home. Trusty SeaFreight meant I sent all my winter clothes home, and they promptly arrived this week, just as it started to get coolish. Timing = Win.

Also, surprise amongst the jumpers, was this hat- it doesn't fit, so i'm going to put a triangular 'slice' of some other felt in it, just under the ribbon (which will be revamped to match the wedge)
Therefore, in part in tribute to the gorgeous article on Coco Chanel's apartment (Harpers Bazaar), in part tribute to the wonder that is Israeli op-shops (they havn't realised yet!) in part a celebration of 40days and counting:
The dress is black crushed silk, the hat, a 2D construction of crushed silk and matte satin piping.

All my love,

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