Thursday, April 22, 2010

To the Young Queen Elizabeth II (Dress 53)

To the young QEII,
It seems inappropriate to write 'dear' on a blog to the young figure of the queen. But I started using the fountain pen nibs I mentioned earlier and designing a dress for the incredible figure of QEII in her early twenties (as set out by this article in the Telegraph) seemed the right thing to do on a train back from the middle of no-where whilst frightning youths looked at me strangely as I tried to stop the ink bottle spilling...

(Dress Specs: Silk with tulle petticoats and corset reinforcement.)
All my love,

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  1. I love this, but it was a hard choice to vote, I got down to maybe six before I chose this one! If you make it and you post it, please comment on my blog so that I remember to come see it!