Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear 13/5/10 (Dresses 74-83)

Dear 13/5/2010,
You were too much for me. I didn't manage to do my dress, so I designed 10 today as penance,
We good now?
Stencils of birds with grey 'shadow' stencils underneath.

Structured heavy silk with appliqued ribbon 'clock'

Dyed black cotton with 'blocked' sections

Either lines on the dress, or the paths on which fringing follows

Black diamonds are satin, white is matte.

Elastic with corsetry style reinforcement. The 'garter' sections have a buckle, as does the neck buckle

My favourite of today's inventions- a la the Hermes shorts, 'I love' is spelt in belt loops, and on the back of the dress there are buttons that also serve as dotpoints. The dress comes with a letter stencil and fabric paint.

Top section in strong upholstry fabric, same colour as the base section, done in many layers of crepe. (the lines represent folds in the crepe)

Soft Polyester held on with elastic, heavier weight trousers, with crepe sides.

Cotton with buttons and an elastic waist-band-area

All my love

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