Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear Jorge (Dress 100)

Dearest Jorge,
I like you.
You're nice.
Translation: thanks for keeping me happy and/or sane. You're amazingly patient, especially when I just have to stay up that extra ten minutes to post the blog, or I have to turn the really bright light on at some ungodly hour to take the photo of the design (It's easier to take a photo of the book than to scan it. also: faster.) or when I suddenly, in the middle of my sentence and for no particular reason have to get the book and scribble an idea down. You're patient, and lovely, and pretty darn sweet, so your dress gets a title and everything:
A meditation on Art Deco (or why I can't design another dress after the aesthetic of Bioshock II)
All my love, love, love,
P.S. I made the Pina Bausch dress today. It's not perfect... Hell it's not even very good, but it's the first dresss i've ever designed and made from scratch, and I'm just glad I managed to make it on time. I'll post photos etc. tomorrow. Goodnight all!


  1. oh how wonderful that you made a dress, I look forward to seeing it!

  2. Huzzah!
    Me AND Bioshock 2 in the same place, I think my life is complete.
    Hope the dressmaking went well - also, this one is lovely ;)
    - jt

  3. Tammie: Thankyou so much! I'll post good pictures of it as soon as I have an opportunity.

  4. Jorge: Thanks love. You and Bioshock are forever united in my mind... :) Dressmaking was utter torture. But it's done! xo, IP.