Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dear Reader (Poll Results)

Dearest Reader,
Today's post has the bad news before the good. Isn't that always the way? I'm a little deflated by this month's poll results. I made the poll open to multiple votes this month, posted it on facebook- and got a total of 6 votes.
1 for Dear Tramdrivarr
2 for Dear Beautiful Read-Headed Girls
1 for Dear Sally
2 for Dear Jorge
I said last month that if I didn't get more than 20 votes I would make whatever dress I felt like- which I'm glad i said, because Dear QE II would have cost an arm and a leg (silk!?!), and taken me all month to make... (When did I think I could do corsetry?) I made Dear Melbourne Dandy- it's given me a little trouble in the fitting, it was made on schedule, but it was a funny shape, so once it looks shmexy (or passable...) I'll post it. I'll probably make Dear Jorge this month, but it depends on fabric costs etc. Between moleskines and material this is becoming an expensive experiment!

For all that voted last month- I couldn't be more greatful. Every vote surprised me, you didn't go where I expected- and I liked it!

What I'm trying to say is, please, make this exciting, make this something I can't control. If you're reading this I imagine you're into design and/or sewing, and you might know others who are into such things- I would really appreciate if you encouraged a couple of your friends to go through the links in the last post, have a look at the dresses in the running this month, and have a vote- remember you can vote for as many dresses as you like, the more the merrier!

I'm finding it really hard right now to post every night, since i'm out of the house 7am-7pm every day, but I promise i'll do better than i've been doing.

I really appreciate your reading this- taking the time to check in every so often, knowing my little collection of scribblings is out there interesting anyone is a great feeling. The reasons I made this public was in the hope that someone would find it interesting, that I would feel responsibility to those reading, and maintain this thing- I've never done a 365, and it's just as hard as I thought it would be. Knowing you're out there reading/seeing/commenting/liking/hating/being curious is the only reason I can keep this up every day.

If you're alright with it, I'd love to see what the people who read my blog do- I know the lovely Tammie takes the most incredible photographs, and Jess is an insanely talented woman of many mediums, Jorge (the patient boyfriend) is cleverly interesting on a bizzare variety of topics, if you're out there, reading silently as I have so often done, please let me know who you are- enjoy a virtual scone and perhaps some tea to escape the Melbourne chill.
Be safe, warm, happy and healthy,
all my love,

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