Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Reader (apologies once more)

Dearest Reader, There are a thousand excuses I can come up with for why I havn't been posting lately. The major one is that my degree and career-related-extracurriculars are really getting me down -I'm still designing every day, and I even DIYed something today that's pretty close to one of my designs (it doesn't count, but it's useful to know I have at least some of the skills required for that dress).
It's just been a mad week, month. year, really.
I just had a little look at a blog a girl I went to high school with is doing. It's really amazing, the time and effort that she puts into it. I really respect the dedication. I wish I could do what she does. But what I'm trying to say is that while design and dressmaking are major passions of mine, theatre and film, and acting, this is the work i want to be doing. It doesn't mean i'll ever stop designing (i don't think I know how) but that I really can't commit to regular posting and i'm really sorry about that. I've got my camera back, which is great, and i really intend to get through the backlog of dresses that are still unposted (there are TWO ten dress days. I've been really forgetful lately) and that'll probably get done tomorrow, but I can't be sure when I'll next get a chance to do that. It might be in a couple of days, but it might take a week. I'm really greatful you've gotten this far with me- I'll be going the rest of the way, and onwards even- but it might be a little sporradic and I'm really sorry for that.
All the love, pretty dresses and sunshine the world could offer,

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