Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Ted Wallace (C/O Stephen Fry)

Dear Ted Wallace
It's probably a rather long stretch, but I just devoured your story (otherwise known as Stephen Fry's 'The Hippopotamus') and it was marvellous and frazzled and in the two days i just lay on my bed and read, and ate, and went to work, and came back to read some more, all the pent-up creativity of idle hands built and are now coming to life: shaping up to be: (and you'll like this; it is a list, after all)

1) Preliminary sketches for the Imprint-By-Ip Banner

(Have I mentioned watercolours are FTW?)

2) Easy peasy tutorial, up soon...

(Strangely simple... hmmm.)
And the early stages for what I think might turn out to be a cross between this:

Alice+Olivia Red Belted off-the-shoulder Dress (image credit: fashionfuss.com)
and this:

Jason Wu Isadora Sundress (image credit: Couturecarrie.com)

A most inspiring week to you all,
We'll see what we can glean from this crop of productivity,
All my love,

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