Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dearest Philip, (A New Project)

Dear Philip,
It’s been four years since LiveJournal spotlight brought your ‘2006: A year of giving flowers to people’ project to my attention. It’s been a little while since then, and we have weathered the storms of the years (your blog is the only thing that has survived the shifts in my internet-content consumption). You travel all over the world, changing it intimately, and documenting it with gentle candour. I think it’s marvellous.
2005 started the projects, when you documented each day with two lines of iambic pentameter. 2006 was the start of your interactions with strangers, giving a flower to a different person every day of the year. 2007’s spiritual journey into the life of the saints was both serious, and silly, and marvellous in every way. 2008 harked back to the public interaction of 2006, with you following a different person every day and seeing where it led you. 2009 brought strangeness, silliness, and silver stars, as you altered a lemon in a different way every day:

In the present project, you are kissing a different person on the lips every day. For me, it is a gentle dialogue about the nature of intimacy, and both your most ambitious, and most interesting work yet.
In the same vein, I have been inspired to use this kind of motivational tool to commit myself to broadening my creative horizons.
From March 1st, 2010, until February 28th 2011, I intend to design a unique dress, every day. Each month, I will make the most well received dress. The intention is not only to keep my creative mind ticking, but to experiment with new approaches to design- taking inspiration from as many sources as possible, and seeing (and documenting) the elements of the day that have culminated in that design. For example, Fridays, when I have work, will most probably be influenced by the indie designs I see on most of the customers, peppered with the Haute Couture elements I pick up from reading magazines in the slow-periods. Mondays, when I have a full schedule of theatre classes, will no doubt include costume elements, and will be substantially more practical for long-term wear.
Thankyou Thiel, for the interesting reading, and the inspiration,
(Check him out at: )
All my love,

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