Friday, March 5, 2010

Dearest Dana (Dress 5)

Dearest Dana S.,
Your gorgeous part of the lovely MADCube (Monash University Student-Run Gallery) Exhibition (Co-Curated by Flo D.-C.) had a strong emphasis on the prettiness of vintage pictureframes; and when I saw two people today wearing cutout-style clothing (the old-style ripped jeans-knees-look and the new striped leggings look- where there are slits laddering down the sides of the legs.) I just couldn't help but put it into the day's design.
I'm not happy with the drawing- I had such a clear image of the dress in my mind, but i'm not yet sure how to represent elements of that. The 'shredded' look on the sleeves and neckline is meant to be fraying, and the frames themselves are made of a slightly tougher linoleoum-esque material (so that the fabric does not stretch/warp). There is also a round/oval frame version.
Thanks Dana, for making (with the wonderful Flo) a lovely exhibition which I really enjoyed, and which (as would be obvious, seeing as it popped up in my work two weeks later) really stayed with me.
All my love,

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