Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dearest Melbourne Weather (Dress 33)

Dearest Melbourne Weather,
This week has been good to Imprint-by-ip- we got our first follower; and we finished our first month of dresses. Almost all the dresses are available to vote for- I will be making the dress for March in May, so you have a month to vote. I will be making Dress 17 (Frankie) in preparation for whatever birthday celebrations I might organise- but if I get more than 40 people voting (in total) then I will make whatever dress is voted in. You might notice that I did not put all the dresses up, as between playing Ophelia and University and two jobs I don't think I will be able to perform seamstressmiracles at the same time (which is to say that the dresses left out are WAY over my sewing skills/printmaking abilities/funds availability)

However, while it's been a lovely week for IP, here in Melbourne it's been pretty crazy weatherwise- a real four seasons in a day situation- which means that you have to bring a variety of clothing; and can only venture into the land of sandals and boots in very small windows of time (very middle of summer and winter respectively) it means that jackets must be lightweight (for when you eventually have to carry them) and tee shirts must be of a cut that does not look silly if you wear another shirt over it. It means that umbrellas in interesting prints that are small enough to be reasonably travelable are in high demand (and therefore far too expensive) and that is why:

(Dress specs: Heavy cotton with petticoats to achieve 'bell' effect. comes with soft grey tights, a soft grey long-sleeve shirt, and an umbrella with the design of a sun and blue skies printed on it.)

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