Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Half-Way Mark (Dresses 102-111)

Dear Half-Way Mark,
You're killing me.

I) flat metal cutlery on a mesh strap. dress is white linen (like tablecloths at a nice restaurant)
also comes in chequered red and white and with a white napkin under the cutlery.

II) flat copper studs on a red dress, or black? opaque crepe.

III) wire reinforced hood in greyblue crepe on a grey crepe dress

IV) as inspired by PonyRider Bedspread

V) orange peeling. cottown with wire reinforcement and ribbon 'zest'

VI) linen and handmade matching buttons

VII) white opaque crepe with mesh windows

VIII) White cotton with fine ribbon over a reinforced hole .

IX) reinforced mesh shoulders and mesh panel

X) brown opaque crepe around the neck, covered in a crepe halter, cotton underlay under the major part of the dress printed with the message scroll.

All my love,

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