Friday, July 16, 2010

Dearest Reader (Update)

So I know this update situation is not ideal, I've really not been updating regularly, I'm under shitstacks of pressure right now, rehearsing full-time and preparing for stage managing two plays and co-hosting a radio show. It's really squashing me. So when I'm using my dad's camera (because mum took mine to india with her) and the batteries are flat i'm just stumped.
On a more positive note:
My dear friend Flo hosted an art party the other night. It was freaking awesome. I got all living statued up, and debued my Audrey costume, which was fun/frightening/hard/awesome. I re-drew all the dresses up for voting this month and put them on her wall (underneath a gorgeous art photography/linocut series and an origami mobile of the solar system.) and:
Dress 107:  3 votes (T.H, S.R & K.H)
Dress 108: 1 vote (T.H)
Dress 116: 2 votes (FLO.D.C and Raphael, her housemate- who does look like he sounds like he ought to.)
Dress 118: 3 votes (J.A.M, T.P and Alex Welch- who has a fish in his signature, and saved me from accidental fare evasion once, and is lovely.)
Dress 119: 1 vote (L.W)
Dress 122: 3 votes (C.C, E.L, and J.A.M)
Dress 123: 1 vote (N.S)
Dress 136: 3 votes (G.J, John Munroe -who will be an author. he has no choice, his name is too authorly- and Dumbledore... which I am considering counting.)
Dress 138: 1 vote (the esteemed D.W. Murray)
which is an awesome lot of votes!
I will be carrying around my drawings in the hope that I can get people to vote on them. I quite liked the reaction of people- having to touch the drawings to vote (they were instructed to sign their initials) made it an interesing thing to watch.
I will post tomorrow as and when I have a chance.
All my love,
P.S. new design! Thoughts?

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